Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wurman on POV

Wow so i think after reading this we as designers will look at everything a little differently and i also think it explains how others such as my friends and family sometimes only see art or graphic design instead of actually perceiving it the way i do. I agree that we are always learning and taking in the things we want to, based on our interests, and that this is why we as artist our so diverse and the range of our work and style is all because of our knowledge and how we have been raised. As a designer in the field or just as an artist in general, when we focus on one thing rather than something else much like a camera, that one thing becomes an exaggeration, it is our work, our art, our mind, its everything put into a selective perception.

I also think that this reading touched on perspective quite nicely and how thinking about anything and how and who created it, and under what circumstances, will you only then get the full meaning of the the artists work and how they had meant it to be seen. I really think we can learn from the queen elizabeth and world model perspective example by applying that comparison and taking the time and perspective to analyze something so we can truly understand it, learn from it and really apply it towards something great. "The more we are aware of the role of exaggerations in perception, the more meaningful our perceptions will be come." Its hard to be able to analyze everything around us all the time but i think when we do its when we can really learn something great, and as designers, when we take our knowledge that we've learned and successfully organize and design it to present it for future clients and people, that will be a moment of when art is helping out the world. I also know think the Vignelli's strict modernism view is just his point of view, and it works but it is not the only way to make design. But with McCoy's way of taking everything you learn and stepping back and breaking it down so you can further excel i new ways is the solution of advancing and recreating graphic design. This article really offered a lot to think about for me and really gives me a different perspective of looking at things.

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