Friday, May 9, 2008


When working on this project and coming up with a way to relate 3 of my icons with another idea, was not as easy i it thought. After brainstorming and a lot of thinking i came up with 2 strong ideas that were simply the location of where you would find these ideas and conceptually relating them to war.  The war idea sounded like the more interesting one to approach and is the direction i pursued.  I had chess relating to the formation and arrangement of soldiers.  For chess is formated in 2 lines of pieces and are strategically moved much like military formations.  Just simply overlaying my icon onto the image made the figures approximately the same size of the icons. Then moving on to darts i thought about not only their shape but how they moved through the air much like a fighter jet.  so i depicted a jet with the icon dropping from the nose and alluding to the fact of not only its shape but also the act of dropping bombs or even missiles. Finally foosball i took a picture of two men in uniform wrestling and overlaid it with foosball because in foosball you have two people fighting or  "wrestling" over a ball. And i angled and blew up the icon to give a much dramatic effect.  Then placing my text "wanna play?" was not the easiest task but i am happy with the outcome.  I used a grey bar coming out of the top left corner and i have it fade in at the begging and out at the end but in between  i have it stay at 100% as the images change behind it.

mounted placards

final 3 placards

updateded placards cont.

updateded placards

final placard pics

Monday, May 5, 2008