Sunday, February 22, 2009

Type, image and message reading and things ive learned

I really enjoyed the reading and i feel that these categories really depend on the content of what the type is physically saying. Just alone my experimental type with light is clearly inversion because the image i am taking with my camera is the actual type itself. With out the photograph, i would have no letters at all because each letter is created over time in about 2-3 seconds and the only way to capture and have that as a physical object is by flattening that time with still picture. That being said i really think i can apply what ive learned and start using separation, fusion and also fragmentation by coming up with content for my type to speak. For example i want to play with my photography and incorporating my new type ideas so i can get a more of a poetic approach and be able to create multiple meanings within the message.
Through this reading, i think it really describes how important the image is to graphic design and i really think graphic designers can become great photographers because only we can see what is in our mind and know how we want to relate that image to the text it self so they speak harmoniously.  This is where i question the use of stock images or using a professional photographer because if the idea is great, the photograph and the type are simply components of the design that bring it together as a whole.

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