Wednesday, March 10, 2010

DP Mid Semester Degree Project

So my question for my degree project is "How can environmental and spacial design educate and persuade skiers and snowboarders at ski resorts and other areas such as ski shops about sustainable practices that relates to and concern their winter sport?

I have been struggling with moving at a consistent pace during this project but I feel that I sometimes have to go through a rut to realize what I need to do to get out of it and also come to a better solution. I came to the idea of naming my organization S.O.S. based off of the distress call Save Our Souls used by military and other first aid groups. I changed it to Save Our Snow as if the snow and the environment itself is calling out to the skiers and snowboarders for help. I now know that community is a huge key for my audience and I want to approach them in a way that engages the whole community and not just on an individual level.

I created the SOS letters in 3D form and filled them with ice and snow so they would melt and convey the message of climate change and the fact that the snow is melting and the issue is a serious topic to be concerned about. I want to continue pushing the instillation idea of the 3D letters but Im looking more now at the system and an identity of the brand. I plan on creating these posters that are informational and also persuasive. They need to be bold, attractive and also engage my audience to want to go to to learn more about what they can do and learn about the issue of climate change and how serious it really is. The use of projecting at slopes during night skiing will be utilized for people to engage in a fun and large scale experience. The look and feel of the brand will be recognized by the color blue and also the snowflake icons that carry a theme and message within themselves. The use of viral videos, stickers, posters, give aways and other promotional items could also be great tools for my organization to spread, educate and get people excited about this change in being more responsible to maintain the sports that winter gives us.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Auto Show


This poster with the chart for all the wheel color choices you have is very practical for the viewer to see the wide amount of options when picking out the right color combination.


The scion set up of with their boom box graphics i found to be poetic by really giving me a feeling of what they brand and company are all about. They created a environment that really stood out from the rest.


They also had a clever and interesting persuasive poster on the back of their giant boom box that said "become one of us, by becoming none of us" Really encouraging you to be a part of a very diverse community where being different and unique, makes you part of what scion is all about with the ability to customize your car to your style.