Monday, April 21, 2008


The info graphic was quite a challenging and fun process.  I feel i have a better understanding of not only info graphs but i am more aware to how they are used and the time it takes for each one.  In my info graphic I really wanted to show where and when the game was created/originated out of.  Also i wanted to show the time it took from when it was first getting started to when and where in the United States formed the first official organization. My group of icons give you a nice visual that can take you down two paths, its origin and its history in the US.  I reversed the icons so they were white on a dark background making them stand out and have more of a hierarchy.  I originally had a pretty heavy handed map with too strong contrasting colors such as red, purple, black and blue.  I then decided to look back at my original color palette with the dark navy and light grey and applied the best i could to my info graph which i think turned out for the better.  I also wanted to keep the curve box look as a theme through out my article but it was brought to my attention that i was applying it a little heavy handed so i simply refined and toned it down where the outline stroke is thiner, making it easier for the eye to look at.  I was having trouble with the connecting line, in rather they should be straight diagonals or show they follow a more horizontal and vertical grid and also what color.  I really like the thin almost hair line yellow that guides your eye but at the same time, doesn't scream at you.  I feel i have learned a lot from this project and even though it wasn't my favorite assignment, i think the skills and ideas that were brought to my attention as far as hierarchy in a spread and dealing with indesign was a plus but also how to convey a lot of information and display it in a manner that is not confusing, but attractive and easy to follow.
Great idea i think on combining classes like this for we do pull already things we have learned and are constantly learning from each class.

spreads 2 and 3

spreads 4 and 5

Final Infographic, spreads 6-7

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

Content POST

Info graphic example

I really like how the scale of the icons not only show a hierarchy but also gives you an overwhelming but still clean and organized.
Line may be a little problematic but i also like how they showed all 31 days like a calendar and then showed where each occurred. This also shows a number of icons and dealing with location on a map.

Friday, April 4, 2008