Sunday, February 8, 2009

Direction and Questions for TYPE 4

I am wanting to experiment with typography by playing around in different environments that will give the viewer and experience. Exploring 3 dimensional objects in space and seeing how they can create letter forms and also how things can possibly interact with them such as people or sun light by casting shadows.

How can my type tell and or create a story for the viewer?
Can there be a way to represent the type through photographs and stop animation of video and further tell a story?
How can i push the legibility of the text but still keep the viewer interested?
How can the viewer change and or become apart of the experience?
How can i use the environment to my advantage?
What kind of type face do i choose to represent?
Or do i create more of a hand generated look and not show a type face at all?

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thenewprogramme said...

the light drawings you showed me friday are really interesting, and we discussed how much potential they have. i do feel that they get away from your questions here though. i wonder if you experiment a bit more with the potential of light-generated type and then re-visit these questions and see if they can be brought into a more experiential realm.

the issue with your light photos is that people only see them after the fact -- they're documentation, not experience. but can they be turned into an experience in some way? when we saw your very first sketch utilizing the sun and shadows, we were seeing the thing made right then and there; we were part of the experience and could manipulate it if we wanted.

so play around more with your current directions, but then re-visit these questions and see how they direct or re-diret the stuff you've been making.