Friday, February 6, 2009

Research Trends

I really found out through out my research that typography can really be experimental and open a lot of doors. I am really interested in when the use of typography can create a meaning, a feeling, tell a story, make you laugh, make you think and over just give you an experience. I feel like the trend is to create something new big and fresh, almost maybe trying too hard to impress or sell the client. I also think that as designer we tend to create everything on our macbooks and hit print. We need to step outside and bring our design thoughts with us.
As ive been searching for images online for this class and also just for inspiration, I am most drawn to the ones that give me an experience and they are most of the time not on paper but in the environment. The artist such as Stephan Sagmeister, Fred Eerdekens, and the guys who created the type perspective parking garage, sketch out their ideas on paper or start designing on their macbooks im sure but they idea only became an experience when it stood by its self in its environment. I really think why typography in the environment works so well is because the alphabet has rules and restrictions but our imagination does not. So when these two combine they can create something great or something horrible but the thing is that we learn and take away a piece of knowledge every time we create work. I really feel that this type of work is important not only for designers so we can grow our creative minds but to inspire our clients and viewers. I know my creative mind could not live inside the box because it would never fit inside.

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