Friday, November 14, 2008

phase 3: system postcard

Final PostCard:


When thinking about the final step in this postcard assignment i thought about the image Kaufman sent me with the image of negatives overlaid on top of my image.  From there i came to the conclusion the my theme would be memory and i originally thought of the negatives being burned away by the advancement of technology in digital electronic film.  Slowly erasing history and the way pictures are taken by creating a fast, instant, memory system that not only let your review the image right away before processing the image, you are able to view the image on the camera and then transfer it to on to you computer where you can edit and store your image permanently and easily make as many prints as you desire. The memory card is also small and takes up little space but can hold tons of images. Instead of taking a maximum of 24 images on film you are capable of taking megabytes to gigabytes (100-1000) images with out ever having to replace the film or in this case change out the memory card.  Also once you buy one memory card you can reuse it over and over forever. Sense you have the option to take so many photos, you dont have to worry about your settings always being correct at first sense you can use trial and error to get the settings right and delete the ones that fail right away. It also allows you to take a lot more photos which increases your chance of getting that perfect shot since your not restrained to only taking 24 images and thats it.  You don't have to worry about wasting film because its digital you can literally take as many pictures as you want and try to capture anything and everything in your life that appeals to you. 
In my final piece i wanted to show the opposite side of real film and negatives by showing the back of the digital SLR with the memory card door open and having images of a lot of things in life the one may take on their camera.  The method of showing the images flowing into the camera shows the direct relation to how the images are processed and how instant the film is.  So my imagery along with my text shows images varying from landscapes and clouds to family and events like the 4th of july. One is able to capture and document their whole life and every detail they wish to share. Also my imagery is showing the advancement in technology of the camera not only on how the film is processed but also the user of professional cameras are getting easier to use and are becoming more and more popular to take high quality images with a high quality and professional camera.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Video Examples

I would say that the Red Bull Wiiings Team is a direction that is similar to what i want to do because they just walk up to people on the street and they give out red bull just to promote the drink.
The freebord team would find snowboarders where ever they are and promote and demonstrate the sport.

Super Size Me has a kind of feel that im looking for, as far as the video quality would be a simple hand held video camera but the content of what it is recording overrides the quality of the video.
I also like the yellow text on the black screen during this trailer.

Freebording interview on some awareness about what freebording is all about.

Freeborder sharing his experience 

Sound and Motion: Show Opener

The purpose of this show is to promote freebording in places where snowboarders live such as Colorado, Utah, California, Wyoming, etc. It is to let snowboarders know that there is hope after the last chair lift closes on the slopes, you are able to still get the snowboard sensation during the off season and its free. Not the board it self but the ability to ride where ever you want, no lift tickets, no ski patrol, pure freedom and up to you imagination to where you ride and how you ride.

The show would be on once a week from April-November at 8pm-9pm. And each week the freebord team would consist of professional freeborders and the founder of freebording to go around and demonstrate, promote, hand out stickers, posters, and the actual product it self to get the word about what it is and how it is the start of a new movement and concept for riding.  The show would have clips of new hills to ride because not only would the team be finding snowboarders and promoting the product, they would be exploring new terrain and having fun finding new and exciting hills. When they find these snowboarders in the off season, they would catch their reaction to this fairly new and unheard of product and getting them into becoming part of the awareness and movement of freebording.
The channel would be on spike tv or mtv appealing to a young crowd and the shows host would be Bayard Winthrop the ceo and founder of freebord. 

"Our board seems to have quickly gone from an oddity to a category," "We attribute it to all those people who snowboard no longer wanting to wait for winter to do their thing."

Monday, November 10, 2008

Statement: Project 3

Through this project i have learned how to better design for the web after knowing about how programers have to go about translating that design into the web. I feel that my design from the sketches helped me get started but the true design came into play when i started sketching in flash with animations and then from there i figured out how to write my action script and learned how to organize and name my object and movie clips by using instance names and i discovered the more you practice this, the easier it comes.
I really wanted to keep this layout and design simple with white space but still come across graphically interesting and appealing to where the viewer would stop and take time to interact with my site. 

Sound and Motion / Project 3 / Process