Friday, November 14, 2008

phase 3: system postcard

Final PostCard:


When thinking about the final step in this postcard assignment i thought about the image Kaufman sent me with the image of negatives overlaid on top of my image.  From there i came to the conclusion the my theme would be memory and i originally thought of the negatives being burned away by the advancement of technology in digital electronic film.  Slowly erasing history and the way pictures are taken by creating a fast, instant, memory system that not only let your review the image right away before processing the image, you are able to view the image on the camera and then transfer it to on to you computer where you can edit and store your image permanently and easily make as many prints as you desire. The memory card is also small and takes up little space but can hold tons of images. Instead of taking a maximum of 24 images on film you are capable of taking megabytes to gigabytes (100-1000) images with out ever having to replace the film or in this case change out the memory card.  Also once you buy one memory card you can reuse it over and over forever. Sense you have the option to take so many photos, you dont have to worry about your settings always being correct at first sense you can use trial and error to get the settings right and delete the ones that fail right away. It also allows you to take a lot more photos which increases your chance of getting that perfect shot since your not restrained to only taking 24 images and thats it.  You don't have to worry about wasting film because its digital you can literally take as many pictures as you want and try to capture anything and everything in your life that appeals to you. 
In my final piece i wanted to show the opposite side of real film and negatives by showing the back of the digital SLR with the memory card door open and having images of a lot of things in life the one may take on their camera.  The method of showing the images flowing into the camera shows the direct relation to how the images are processed and how instant the film is.  So my imagery along with my text shows images varying from landscapes and clouds to family and events like the 4th of july. One is able to capture and document their whole life and every detail they wish to share. Also my imagery is showing the advancement in technology of the camera not only on how the film is processed but also the user of professional cameras are getting easier to use and are becoming more and more popular to take high quality images with a high quality and professional camera.

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gerg.kaufman said...

so. here we are. full circle. the placement and size have stayed similar to the original, although the image is now the back of the camera. now as a viewer, i am able to conclude that this indeed is a digital camera. the fact there is a view screen, memory card, and many images sort of flowing into it. now introducing the super small print outs directly from the camera! there is a very neutral background and the camera is a substantial deal lighter than the first two postcards. the text 'capture everything' deals with the fact that digital is able to hold many images at a time on a single memory card, unlike film that holds anywhere from one to 35 images. i feel very neutral about this postcard, but it is a bit more on the positive side because of the images themselves. they run the gamete from weather shots, family, and landscape shots. they remind me sort of hallmark feel, not exactly the most artistic approach, but for those cookie cutter moms seek at hobby lobby that might look nice on the mantelpiece next to her holiday wreath and fake fruit. the wide range of imagery also anchors the text of capturing 'everything' literally. the age of digital is upon us, and larger amounts of memory are now available just in case we need those extra five thousand images of our family or vacation. this image makes me laugh a little because i consider it kind of cheesy, but that goes along with the images you have chosen. this makes me feel like the every day joe the plumber can handle one of these bad boys, whether he is a professional or not.

Greg Gentry said...

Great analysis Greg you nailed about every point i was trying to cover. It was my intent to create this kind of funny/ cheesy feeling of someone's camera with all of their memories that cover a wide range hinting that you can take pictures of literally everything in life and you new digital SLR camera can handle the memory. I wanted it to be a positive feeling and also showing the advancement of technology on how pictures are processed and how instant the images are. I think its funny how it started out negative and ended up completely on the positive side and even though it is a little cheesy, i feel that i shows the public that these cameras are getting more advance and easier to use and that they can capture everything that happens around them.