Friday, November 7, 2008

comm models: object postcard


gerg.kaufman said...

the tone of this photo is negative. because the background is bright, it calls out the deep blacks more in the camera. the deep shadows convey an anonymous feeling, especially since the name at the top of the lens is hiding in the darkness. the small hole in the shutter makes me uncomfortable, personified by watching me. i am drawn to the hole because of the contrast of black and light, and the fact the background is out of focus, you want me to look at the hole. this calls to the nature of photographers being voyeurs. the transmission is both representational and mechanical. i am viewing this image on the internet, but it still is a photograph. There is noise from the print to digital translation. in the print, i loose the small hints of color and the way the ink is laid on the paper gives it a texture i don't see on screen. when viewing through the computer, the lighting seems very smooth in which i can notice minute details i can't recognize in the print.

Greg Gentry said...

Hey Kaufman i guess we are on opposite sides of what we are trying to say and how we are reading it.
My intentions when i was taking this image was to show the digital camera in a positive way by showing the camera as a digital camera not specifically a "Canon" camera. But as a type of precision of the crisp image and showing off its attributes such as the buttons and showing off its sleek body. I wanted you to feel like this camera was a machine full of technology that it can have a mind of its own for it will automatically focus and adjust settings on the camera if told to and how these cameras process a digital file by taking in light and digitally creating an image that is instant and sophisticated.
So thats what i was going for.