Tuesday, November 11, 2008

phase 2: output postcard


gerg.kaufman said...

For some reason, I find this really hilarious. I can imagine a bundle of photographers huddled like sheep ready to take pictures at the drop of a hat. The sickening thing is that people to need to know about actors/actresses/musicians lives instead of their own. Yeah these famous people do a great job on screen acting their way to stardom, but why do we need to know the smallest, most intimate facts about their lives. what's that? brad pitt is having an affair with a dog? Well who cares as long as he does a good job on his new movie Benjamin Buttons. Because of the negative connotations this crowd of glass and bulbs brings, it makes me squirm in my seat. My first instinct was positive, because of the style the image is rendered in makes it quite humorous. The way the camera doesn't really match the way the photographer is facing, the fact that he is using an old twin lens camera while others are using high end digital cameras, and the flash it produces (even without a bulb attachment) is very funny. But after looking at the subject matter of paparazzi in general, i start to grit my teeth and stamp my feet at the frustration these people cause. The word comes from Italian dialect, used from Federico Fellini, and it describes a particularly annoying noise, that of a buzzing mosquito.

Greg Gentry said...

This is the exact reaction i was going for. This your image really made me think about the negative side of photography and i really think that the whole paparazzi fits in perfectly with this theme. Sense the camera is made for recording an image and freezing a moment of time it is seen as a revolutionary thing that will develop and continue to grow along with technology. I feel that this idea can be abused when it comes to invading the privacy people especially celebrities because they are always being watched by the paparazzi where ever they go. So the image of bright flashing lights contrasted with the dark back ground really kept the same feeling of your original composition but start to play with the juxtaposition between the paparazzi. Hope this direction will be fun for you to explore and experiment with.