Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Visual Language Asian Culture

1. what are some predominately shared values of this group? (broadly in life, not politics)
Family respect, Honor. Respect for life and the body, discipline/dedication, respect for their elders and their wisdom.

2. what political policies/issues are particularly important to this demographic in this election? why? IMMIGRATION: Giving their family members who are foreigners a chance at a life and opportunity in the united states. HEALTH CARE: Helping maintain care for family and loved ones., EDUCATION: Knowing their children are offered a great public education to be successful in the future. RACE RELATIONS: even though known one likes racism, it still happens every where and bridge the gap between cultures and feeling safe in America no matter the color of ones skin. INTERNATIONAL TRADE: because a lot of imported goods say for example Asia can be raised so more American products will sell. And if their main business in America suffers due to the taxation on imports, that could hurt a business severely.

3. are there any cultural references your demographic identifies with? what?
Martial Arts(TKD, Karate, etc.) (Bruce Lee) Action fighting movies (Jackie Chan),(Jet-Li).
Ping Pong. Art, Food( sushi/steakhouse), technology, architecture, Foreign Cars, Religion (Buddha), Tattoos.

4. what does their graphic landscape look like? (this is sometimes called a "visual audit") put another way, assemble a range of designed artifacts that are targeted toward this group - packages, posters, companies, logos, publications, etc.

5. including the aiga document and other sources, what are the issues cited for this group not voting?
6,000,000 none voters and top 5 reasons:
-Too busy; conflicting schedule
-Out of town
-Not interested
-Voter registration problems
-Illness on disability

photos: cooliris(google)

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