Monday, September 15, 2008

Narrative Statement project 1

I have learned and gained a better understanding and perspective of how storyboarding, animations, and narratives are told and how to go about telling a narrative through a series of frames. In this project I have also learned how to ride a freebord and how to assemble one frontwards and backwards. Also through my process and viewing my classmates work I know that narratives can be told many ways depending on the narrator. In the beginning I enjoyed experimenting with different methods of depicting my two actions through drawing, collageing, thinking outside the box with metaphors and photography which was my choice of medium in the end. After choosing photography, I learned that editing is key into creating a good narrative. Changing the pace in a narrative by increasing and decreasing frames between scenes, transitioning between actions and actions and scenes to scenes can make the viewer or audience become engaged and in your narrative, especially when they are forced to use their imagination when I story doesn’t tell you everything.

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