Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Direction for Visual Language

Digital Cameras:
Canon: Digital SLR EOS-300D
The 6.3 megapixel Canon Rebel was a turning point for canon digital cameras in 2003 for it was their first professional camera that was under $1000.  They took away certain features from the famous EOS-10 and instead of using magnesium alloy they used plastic to cut down on cost.

My new audience is still going to consist of people who like photography but also have knowledge about digital cameras, and want to know more about how they got started and where they are going. Digital is all around us know, especially with the web so we all are in direct contact to digital photography every day so, everyone has some kind of connection to them.  Artist would  be a big group of my audience sense they are using them every day to document their work and also students who are majoring in photography would have interest in this exhibit.  So people who are inspired and love digital photography to people who are professional photographers and love to take photos would be interested in seeing what this exhibit was all about, and to further their knowledge and learn something about digital photography, and how it is advancing and where and when it started.

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