Sunday, September 13, 2009


Need: a way to get noticed and connected to local and national skate teams so they can become sponsored.
Solution: Members of this site would be able to login, and search for local or even national openings for skate teams. They would then be able to gather information about the team and see what they are looking for in riders. They would also have their contact to where they could go and visit the team themselves in person or upload a video onto our site so they can send the skate team the link to the site so they can watch the video. So an organized way to go through the steps of getting sponsored with advice and suggestions.

Need: A way to find skaters that are close to their level so they can learn and progress as they push each other along.
Solution: Would be giving the users of the site to list their abilities and also what they would like to learn and improve on and then the site could find locals in your area that match what your looking for so you can then become, "friends" on line and talk about if you would want to meet up at a certain skate park so you could both work on things and try to learn what the other one knows. Also you might just develop a great friendship in the process.

Need: Find out more about local competition around the area and also about visiting more larger professional competitions and find out how to attend them.
Solution: Would to list local and national competition through a word of mouth and updated by the users daily. They could then read and learn about the competition, like where and when, how much to enter and also what kind of competition it is. They could then register and make their way to that competition and possibly do well in a competition that they never knew existed. Also for finding professional competitions and attending these events like the x-games, we would have bus trips set up for local areas if there were enough people interested in attending they could arrange a trip that would bring them to that event, where as they might never have the opportunity to make it out to one of these amazing performances by the best skaters in the world.



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