Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ideas for Design Systems

Transportation: Travel Bus Company

This service would arrange and provide trips to colorado and other major ski resorts around the country and would be a bus that one could sleep on as it traveled and would be designed to take large groups over 21 probably so that alcohol could be a possibility if that was the case. The bus would also be the same bus that would take you back from where you departed from and would be seen as a company that was providing a service to people who do not want to drive themselves long distances and it would be a lot cheeper than flying. This bus service would not have to be just for ski resorts but could be used for other trips, but ski resorts is something that interests me and could be what this company specializes in.

Place: Shot gun and Rifle Range

This range could also be placed anywhere and it could be inside or out. Probably out but inside could be interesting. It would have the capability to shoot skeet with shot guns and targets for rifles, hand guns and even archery. The service to come to this location could almost be set up as a club and it would be organized and safe. The purchasing of accessories and also cleanings of weapons could be provided as a service.

Place: Indoor ski and snowboard park.

It is a location that can be installed anywhere in the country and makes extreme skiing and snowboarding available all year round. The enclosed environment will have the ability to keep a rather small area cold enough for snow but still large enough to hold a good amount of people and large enough to have the room for jumps and rails, possibly a half pipe. The size might be close but probably smaller than a football or baseball stadium. This area would attract many people if placed in the right location and it would have the potential to really become popular and convenient.

??Ideas/Preforming: Card tricks/ Magicians??

This could be a service for Magicians maybe so that they could get gigs to preform, teach magic and card tricks or something that deals with magic. Im not too sure about this idea but i kinda wanted something that dealt with card tricks because it is kind of i hobby of mine, but i don't really know where i could take or push the idea.

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