Sunday, April 5, 2009

Type 4-Conference

Revised Conference Paragraph 

Typography has always been around us and we see it every day. The type we don't see every day is what interests us here at the "Light on Type" Conference and we would like to share these ideas and these creative methods with you. Over the weekend we will be shedding some light on new ways on how typography can be produced and also generated. We will be having demos, lectures from artists such as Fred Eerdekens and also break out sessions which will give you an opportunity for some hands on learning and discovery. Our goal is for you to have a great time here and leave with an insight on how to make your typography stand out from all the rest and also how to create an experience for those who see your work.

Revised Artist Paragraph

Fred Eerdekens grew up in Belgium and has created and made some work that really stands out of the ordinary. Fred’s work consists of instillations that involve a strong beam of light, which shine through natural or built structures. He creates words and phrases by casting a shadow and letting the positive or negative space create the letter forms. The installations are pleasing to look at and many times have multiple meanings with them. His work can also at times be poetic but in the end he is always giving us something new to experience and and interact with. Fred's idea of a the meaning of the words in his work is affected by both the word its self and its surrounding. Fred believes that language is inside and outside all at once. In the end, Fred is looking at forming typography in a new way with the use of light and shasdows. Fred will be speaking and also hosting a demo and is willing to share the ways he came to his discoveries and his method use to create his work.

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