Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Partner Feedback

Open to your comments, thanks.


Nik Smith said...

I like the approach you're taking with having all of your nutcrackers b/w in the first MACRO-view. I agree with what you said in crit that if they were all full color all the time, the user would have definite color overload. It also invites the user to participate by making them a rollover. The idea of a bio is nice too. Although, i can't speak to a sense of cohesiveness throughout due to obvious reasons, but i don't want to add insult to injury.

I feel like the composition is a little bit restrained, but that is the price of having a lot of organized information inside of boxes. as far as your 'group' photo, i like that sense of clostrophobia. but the type at the top in the beginning (we are not toys) could be more interesting or dynamic by possibly interacting a little bit with that image, whether there is overlap or frame/grid breakage. for some reason, the bolded typography in your bio box vibrates a little to me.

in theory, you're site seems like it will be clearly functional, just make sure your user is given feedback on where they currently are.

Josh Lambert said...

I really like the main black and white image you have. Seeing all the nutcrackers at once is nice - as well as focusing more on one by having that nice color roll over. The three sorting methods are a good way to sort them and it will be nice when you are finished with the site.

I think perhaps having all the nutcrackers in color when you select a sorting method could be a good idea, especially when you are talking about hair color - having them sorted by blond hair and seeing them in black and white is a little unusual.

I want to know what "Other" is when you're talking about Tradition and an Other - also, square, circle, and other bases. Maybe, have a little description explain what kind of nontraditional nutcrackers you have, also why some of them don't have a square or circle base (if you know why).

It would be nice to have more description with the nutcracker after you click on them. I want to know where you got it, his name, if you like that one - is it your favorite? - add a little bit of a personal touch to it. More about you and the collection. Maybe?

jessica lyew-ayee said...

1. I liked that you made the nutcrackers stay still and in one place.

2. The photography of course is absolutely beautiful.

3. The fact that you can turn on and off the color for the image, i don't see that very often online, i think it's very clever.

4. Your website was very organized, and had a grid that wasn't too dominant but had presence.

5. Your website was very functional, i absolutely love your navigation, I didn't have to go very far to get to the next page.

6. I like the change to the color red (rather than the gray and yellow) it slightly connotes christmas without it being gaudy.

7. I think that you have a good amount of information that comes with your nutcrackers. Very interesting.

8. Is there any other kind of infograph going to happen? Regardless your navigation is very simple and effective.

9. taking away and adding the nutcrackers depending on what the user is looking at was a good way of keeping the viewer on one page, i think it's kind of a good thing, less complicated for the visitor.