Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Statement: Vote Posters

In this project I learned a lot about rhetoric and how to use it in my posters to grab my demographic, Japanese Americans.  In these 2 posters I really wanted to focus on telling my demographic that their votes are important, should be taken seriously and for them to realize how powerful as a group they can be with their votes.  In the wave i wanted to show the great wave of kanagawa originally carved by Hokusai as a parody and relate it to voting by replacing the white caps and light blue tones with voting ballets.  This shows the wave made out of votes and it shows that their votes are as powerful as this very wave in this wood cut.  Also i pulled colors from the original art works color palette and referenced the stamp/signature that you would commonly see in japanese art work.  When saying "gather", i wanted a short and simple phrase that captured the imagery of the wave and the idea of voting.  So to all the Japanese Americans out there, come and "gather" together as a culture and cast your votes and make a difference.

In the Go poster i was really trying to focus on the metaphor trope and how the black and white stones stood for a choice in voting.  The choice of voting is not always easy and that is also true in the game of Go and how every move is taken into consideration and strategized. Much like the election and campaigning, strategizing will surely determine the outcome of an election. With the text "think about it" I wanted the viewer to read it and think that their vote is worth thinking about and how it is serious much like the game of go.  They are both present in history for voting has been around and developing for generations and the game of go has known as the oldest board game and is still being written about today as far as to how it relates to war and the strategizes behind the game. 

Final Vote Posters

process documentation

Junior Senior Crit.

I met with Greg K., Grant, and Chris and had a great crit. We all got great feedback and I think it would be great to do this again in the future if possible.  I got some good ideas about my wave poster and how i could add some tonal ballets that were a lighter blue to give the wave some more depth.  Also that my type of the gather could be a little smaller and going back and re-writing my japanese characters.  Also on my go poster, turning my type to a lighter color and making the new vote characters and text smaller.  But overall everyone enjoyed my images and concepts.  Technical details but still very constructive.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008