Monday, October 13, 2008

Sound and Motion: Final Wheel Movie


Veronica said...

I really did like the addition of the asphalt texture in the background. I think it not only adds interest but it serves to anchor the type to the activity it's describing. It's a simple enough texture too that it does not interfere with the type and animation in the least. You commented in your presentation that you thought the image didn't hold up as well in the larger format but I disagree. I think the quality was fine and the image was instantly recognizable.

I didn't like the images you used in the beginning of the animation that morphed into wheels. I think the glyphs didn't feel cohesive with the letterforms. I think you could have easily gone without and just rotated the letters instead or if you still wanted to use a glyph, use just one type and not four different one. I get that they're supposed to represent the different letters but it felt too cluttered to me for the beginning of the animation.

I really do like how you rendered the "pivot" and the "slide". The pivot feels dimensional and the slide works into that feeling of depth as well. The transitions between those two actions feels really crisp and natural as well.

I feel the lines help the slide and give it an animated feel and allows you to keep the action going longer than if you didn't have them given the limited dimensions of the screen. Without the lines you'd just have the word flopping down to the edge of the screen too briefly to make an impression. I also really like the skid at the end, it's the perfect way to conclude the animation.

Overall I think the timing was great, the transitions were good, and the actions were fantastic. Interesting and well-executed. Good job!

Sheila Wong said...

With your animation, I think you conveyed a pretty good sense of narrative in regards to your three actions, as well as interpreting principles of temporal media.
As far as the animation itself goes, I feel that the first action (spinning wheels/letterforms) feels somewhat disjointed. I would have liked to see more fluid rotation in the letters - because right now it looks like there are these circular glyphs that rock back and forth quickly, and then pop back to the letters. Nice work on the pivot.
Pretty smooth transitions overall.

Were there any specific aspects you wanted addressed?