Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some sketches of my tropes

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thenewprogramme said...

the one where the type spells out "go vote" is strong because of the type/image integration. it's efficient. not so sure you need "mind game" though.
the one with all the blacks and whites separated, where we see the side of the board, could be strong. it makes me wonder how many game pieces we need to see. is it better to see a bunch or just a few? i still like the simplicity of the "go vote" phrase, because it directly references the game.

the left one is better i think -- "break barriers". i'm not convinced it will be a final one, but is worth pursuing.

i'd drop this idea. kind of silly compared to your other ones.

keep working on variations of these, but drop the "delivery" one. the writing that addresses choice and taste is good, but still not quite there. your puns (making the sushi into "vote", etc) are a little bit forced. is there a way to improve that somehow? the one with four plates may work well because it's just type, not trying hard to look like sushi, but the chopsticks and shape of the plate let us know the context. or the one with all four letters in one large roll may be workable somehow.