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MX reading responses

p.63-78 permanent present

the idea that files have started to become more transparent and more like tangible objects that we organize and also through a way is an interesting thought. Also when we delete things now or put them in the trash, we still have the files somewhere on our hard disk that we can get recovered which the common person would not know how to do.

The computer started to become more than just a tool like a calculator, or image manipulator, it became a filter for all culture, which all kinds of uses are ready at hand such as watching movies on, playing games, reading books, how we communicate or network and the list continues.

The computer is code that carries cultural messages in a variety of media.

Even though we do countless things on the computer every day, we operate and use the computer in the same way by using the screen with the aid of a mouse, a web browser, search engines, cut, paste, copy, delete and others are used to carry out our wants and needs out of a computer.

when we are looking at the computer we have the content and the form in which it lives and is presented on screen and how we interact with it and view it. We scroll down long sheets of pages much like ancient scrolls were viewed but we also have the ability to navigate much like a book doses from page to page.

Spactialization is the relation to looking at something linearly of nonlinearly. like the game myst, explores this thought by allowing you to navigate in a non linearly type of way with no sense of direction. Un like the old super mario games that directed you on a 2d flat environment that was very much linear.

So in terms of thinking about my website i want to make sure that the viewer can explore what they want in a non-linear path that allows them to look at what they want to look at. As long as i show them all of the information and lay it all out on the table so they can view what interests them rather than me telling them what to look at.

78-93: Cinema

The reason why people are favoring time-based audiovisual image sequences is because of the role cinematic elements have become more popular than silent print. Much like movies and books.

Cinematic elements offer many things such as zoom, pan, tilt, and track over a 3D space of object. The window in which we view this media is a view into another large world that really becomes believable. In a printed material the area stops at the borders where as there are no borders in a moving piece or animation. It can start to take on a world of its on.

We should look into using what new technology has to offer us that can deliver our message in an interesting cinematic way that can give the viewer a richer experience.

HCI: Representation Versus Control

Bolter and Grusin define medium as that which remediates. that all media works by remediating and transforming other media both in content and form.

the computer screen has become a virtual instrument panel that is interactive with an illusion that takes you to another place that becomes believable. Along with it being believable there are still graphic elements and text which are necessary to inform the viewer with content. There is a line where it has to be pleasing to the eye and at the same time rich with content so that the viewer's interest is kept and they don't feel overwhelmed with text and other content. So a balance is needed. There has to be standards as well that are a universal language but the strive to be original and creative are also things to strive for. We know that this form of language and technology is a new type of media that is relatively young compared to print and cinema and we know it will have a landmark in history much like they did. We do not know where this technology is going and where it will take us or when it will stabilize but we need to take advantage of the what the computer has to offer and continue to explore the limits and question what it can or could be developed to do. It is a new cultural metalanguage and as designers, we will be part of authoring the content and illustrating what it will look like. So how can my website do simply and complex functions and question new ways in which to explore media? I don't know but i hope i know can learn the code and the technology to pull it off.

94-103 The Screen and the User

The classical screen has been around for centuries with and used by painters and even to this day by hollywood's cinema. These screens are the bridges to another place and can make you believe you are looking into another world. I've never really stopped to think about why we call layouts landscape or portrait. It makes sense when they point out the simple origin from which it came from, when a painter would normally paint a landscape horizontal and a portrait is typically proceeded vertical.

The dynamic screen can simply be summed up as a screen with more dimension than just a flat image, but an image that changes over time much like frames in a movie or tv. With the screen serving as an illusion so we are drawn in to its detail so we forget about whats happening out side the frame, the screen needs to be perfect with as few imperfections as possible that would lead us to not focusing on the screen. When the screen on a computer is utilized with multiple windows, and is not focused on just one screen, the user is able to work in multitask. Right now even i have the reading in one window and my blog which im typing in another, and my email and homework in two other windows. This form is more practical and can be utilized to get things done in a more timely and effective manner. Another way to view and another type of screen is live view, a current view of what is actually happening, like the invention of radar and being able to see where your enemies current position is. An example in the modern day of a live view could maybe be something like talking to someone and seeing them live on skype through the use of a web camera. Or maybe a live view of snow creek to see live footage or the location to see how and what the conditions are, how crowded it maybe could help you decide if it is worth the trip so when you get out there, you don't find your self surprised of disappointed, you are informed with the knowledge and advantage of live view. I never really thought about it too much but i think its interesting how most of the things we use today like the computer and the things we are able to do on it, were originally designed for the use of the military and the public has taken that provided technology that was created for a completely different use and turned it into things that do a verity of different things that address the wants and needs for the people in the united states and all around the world. I hope that my site can remain current and serve as a live representation of my work and shows currently who i am as a graphic designer. With that in mind the use of blogs and continuing to keep a current blog, i think is a great way to keep a current look into your daily work.

103-115 The Screen and the Body

The relation between the physical space of your body and the virtual space of an image on a screen plays on what is real and what is not and the illusion can be reached successfully if you can fool the senses of the body much like in virtual reality, the screens edges disappear and you see your self surrounded by what the screen as created. The viewer has to become still and seated as if they are imprisoned and you can always leave them with something more to look at that makes them want to engage, invest in, and stay. Maybe in my site, the use of having thumbnails in the nav shows them a crop and taste of what is inside that project and the top and bottom of the screen would provide a tease and a way of saying that im right here and all you have to do to see me is click right here and since my site is in a form of a wheel, you never really start and end, it just continues to go around and around and around.

Representation versus Simulation

In representation the viewer is bound to the screen and in simulation the human world and virtual world are the same so it appears to be continuous and believable. It blends the two worlds into one and the viewer is able to move around in physical space. The world we live in is consumed by screens and re interact with them on a daily basis. The goal of making the screen more transparent and bigger and better with more HD is our goal to progress the experience and make it more and more attractive. I wonder were we will be with screens in the future and how we will interact with them. Virtual reality, holograms, projections supply endless possibilities in which media, programs and even entertainment can be utilized. Im excited to see how my website or my work will be viewed or how it will be viewed in 10-20 years. Will you be able to touch it, smell it, hold it, im not sure what it will be but im open for change and the advancement of technology and what it can offer to me as a graphic designer.

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