Friday, March 27, 2009

Type Conference

Light On Type
New ways to create typography

written description:
At this conference graphic designers well see some light shed on some new ways of looking at typography and how it can be generated. The use of the hand is a major part of this experience and moving away from the computer as the tool but using it in a way to just is a way to present the art work. While learning how to bring ordinary type to light, they will also be learning how to create an experience. The conference will contain several break out sessions and workshops that deal with making these experiences with various kinds of medium and then capturing that experiences digitally so it can last forever. The goal is to be able to look at creating type with a different perspective and creating unique and interesting work.

Fred Eerdekens

From Belgian
Fred’s work consists of instillations that involve a strong beam of light, which will shine through natural or built structures that he has altered so when it casts its shadow, it will display a word or a message in the positive or negative space. He is producing great work with his installations because he is truly going through the tedious process of lining up the light source and altering the material and by not using any technical distortions such as photoshop which was done a lot to get a similar affect that he is getting. This makes his work impressive and also respectable. The way he mindfully manipulates light and shadow is remarkable because only at the right positioning of light can the message be read. Also the objects casting the shadows are so simple and basic elements, it is hard to imagine how his mind works when going about creating these interesting pieces of art. Fred while creating these supper structured shadows is also playing with typography and you would never know its there with out the use of the light. The text is built in a way to were the components that make up the contours of the letters are spread out and the text its self is circulating within the piece. His work is strong and unique and also he may be poetic and clever at times, he is always giving us something new to see.

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