Saturday, April 19, 2008


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jamie said...

This is improved since the last round.

The timeline at the bottom is really starting to clear up.

Why are the year markers alternating blue and black? If not a reason, then simplify.

The colors still need to be toned down - again, really look to your final icon color palette. I suggest far less contrast between ocean and continents.

Arrows down are better, but still could be more refined, smaller, simpler.

Year labels are large here - with lots of excess wasted space. Be more economical with space, refine.

The thin yellow lines are an improvement. The country outlines could also benefit from that more delicate, less contrasting treatment.

Keep the thick outline on the labels to match your articles, but doesn't need to be overplayed on all elements.

The white column between the countries is overly dominant currently. While it is important to maintain that sense of contrast and hierarchy to allow the icons to be noticed (a good improvement since last round) - this white is overpowering and could be toned down.