Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Drawings

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jamie said...

The darts and ping pong direction are going to work for you, but both need some diligent attention to hand-craft. The sort-of warped blobular effect does not compliment the strong pos/neg language.

Watch for proportions and I suggest you even err on the side of perfect geometry. Having said that, perhaps some of these refinements could happen digitally.

Eliminate that tight hook on the top of the paddles. It makes it look like the flat paddles are actually rounded.

With those changes you can get those two digital.

The foos ball figures are not legible yet. Looks like you have abstracted them too far. In fact, maybe start with a wooden figure that is more realistic so YOU can abstract it in your style.

I'll need to see this one by hand again before you take it digital.