Friday, January 30, 2009

Point of View

I was drawn the most to the modernism essays: Massimo Vignelli: Long Live Modernism! and Kathy McCoy: Rethinking Modernism, Revising Functionalism. I really enjoyed Massimos essay and how it gave an insight to where and how graphic design will advance in the future by change and how as graphic designer will create smart ways that are effective and creative that will sort out the chaos in the world and make it easy to access and find information through design.

Although i did enjoy how Mccoy is looking at modernism in a new perspective now that she has gone through it once and functionalism and now approaching modernism in her own way. I feel that Massimo is a little hardcore about strict modernism and i feel i am between them cause the both influence me but i still have my own perspective on things.

I want to talk about how they both see modernism and also how i see it from my perspective and also where they are going with it moving forward and how i can see it affecting the way i think about graphic design.

1st outlines